Cactus Desert Moon Vacation w/ Pictures and lots of Cactus Jelly.

We left on a desert moon lit night, from Phoenix, Arizona to Sonora in search of Cactus Jelly. Having purchased Cactus Jelly at Sam’s Club, we had cactus jelly crackers, cactus jelly sandwiches and cactus jelly turnovers we had made before we left. Driving at night, we took a lot of desert moon pictures while discussing our new found hobby searching out midnight desert moon pictures and the many flavors of jelly made from cactus. This night the moon was full and out on the road the heavens where open, stars and the desert moon where clear and bright and we where able to take a lot of night sky desert moon pictures. Singing as we went, having modified beer on the wall with cactus jelly bottle on the shelf and rather than pass it around we sang spread it out another bottle of cactus jelly off the shelf.

However we have found that the hardest part of taking desert moon pictures at night is finding hotels we can sleep during the day. One morning we got up for the Continental breakfast and having not found jelly we liked, we brought in a bottle of our own cactus jelly. We had so much interest in our bottle, we ended up sharing cactus jelly with everyone there including the front desk guy who said he’d never heard of cactus jelly. We shared our cactus jelly and showed everyone our collection of desert moon pictures and had a great time. Unlike our last trip, we did not run out of cactus jelly, maybe we took too much cactus jelly this time but at least we had cactus jelly for ourselves and to share. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little fantasy cactus jelly story and our moon pictures as much as we enjoy taking them and maybe one day we can take a cactus jelly road trip like the one in our story and take more desert moon pictures as we go.