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The cactus is one of the very few flora species that are able to thrive in arid deserts of Arizona. Vast landscapes of dry cracked land and no water for as far as the eye can see are always dotted with one species that is the real survivor, the kind of flora species, many good to make jelly from, to be found in deserts; the cactus. Flowers blossom from their thorny exteriors and add colour to the otherwise barren scenery colored in every hue of brown imaginable. The flowers of the cactus have always been universally considered as exceptionally exquisite in the world of horticulture. Blooming under an unforgiving hot sun, they resemble jelly packed in reflective plastic kept in junk and snack aisle in the supermarket. Tempting, colorful, childlike and brighter than well, most things and living things one could find the deserts. The sky changes color throughout the day in deserts that contrast with the browns of the dry-land in a spectacular show of what nature is made of. The complexity of hues in the sky during a sunset in the desert are always jaw-dropping. Not only this, but the night sky is what deserts are famous for. Photographers, researchers, stargazers have for centuries flocked to the desert to see the milky way that rests in the center of the sky in a way that could never be found anywhere else in any other type of land in the world. The milky way shimmers in a jet-black sky above the desert and is spread over the land like a blanket of a million little twinkling light and for years photographers have experimented with night time photography in deserts for this very reason. Night photography is a genre in the field of photography that came about primarily because of the night sky found in the deserts, like cactus jelly. In everyday life, cactus may occur as jelly-like in a supermarket, but they are the beauty and grace of the desert. No one can take their eyes from either the desert sky or the cactus decorating the desert’s bed.








Cactus Jelly Food

Taste of the Southwest!